Photo cred: itsabrideslife.com

It is currently ten minutes to 4 o’clock in the morning and about 9 hours ago, I set out on what was going to be a lengthy drive.  Knowing that I was going to be driving into the wee hours of the morning, I grabbed myself a Grande Chai Tea Latte at the start of my trip, followed by an iced coffee at a gas station a few hours later.  Turns out, that to an individual who does not consume caffeine, this particular concoction of beverages will not solve the problem of falling asleep on the road, but rather morph it into the problem of not being able to sleep hours later.

Yay for 4 am.

Yay for needing to be on the road again at 10 am…

But let’s get to the real picture here.  I haven’t written a blog post for a few weeks now and I promise, there’s a good reason for that.

Currently, at this very moment, “oh” dark hundred in the morning, of the 23rd year of my life, here’s what’s happening.

I left my job three weeks ago.  And really, all that I have to say about that, is that it went relatively smoothly, and happened quickly and was right.  And also, I’ve been counting my blessings that I had a job to quit at all.

Luck seems to have struck for me.  Or maybe just years of extremely hard work and trudging my way through life situations that have been far beyond my maturity level have caught up and the universe has decided to align in the “age of Aquarius” and give me a little break.

I quit my old job because I was offered a new position – which I actively sought out – and it’s in a place that I’ve always dreamed of living and the job is in, well, IT.  And, it focuses primarily on, well, computer programming.  Which, I understand isn’t everybody’s thang, but it seems to be mine and I’m so, so grateful.

So, I quit my job, I took a new one (in a different state), and because apparently not enough was happening in my life, I decided to buy a house.

*Take two steps back, place palms on both your cheeks and stare at me, dumbfounded*

This wasn’t in my plan.  I didn’t plan to move out of state pronto, and buy the fifth house that I looked at with a realtor, and decide to move into said house with my boyfriend [read, not fiancé, not husband].

Nah, that wasn’t the plan.  But for the sake of being open and honest and candid…

This feels like a far better decision than any of those other things that I spent weeks and months and years sifting through and picking over in my head.  I, for the first time, am owning my twenties, grabbing the bull by the horns, and moving in the direction of my dreams.

It feels wonderful, it feels liberating, and it feels like I’m 23 and finally beginning to understand what it means to be in control of my own life.