“Baby, you’re so kind”

I read recently in Women’s Health that when viewing a series of photos, women spend the same amount of time as men looking at another woman’s hips and chest as opposed to her face. Aka women want to see how they measure up in comparison to other ladies (re:yardsticking).
I am as guilty of this as anyone. I recognize that this is a simple fact of the reality that we live in and I would love to see the day when this is no longer the case.
Sure, media is to blame, but so am I and the people who surround me day to day (no offense to you, my loves, it’s just ingrained in us all!)
Since when did “you’re beautiful” [or insert other positive aesthetically oriented adjective] become the king of all compliments?
Don’t believe me? Why do women dress up in tight clothes and put on gratuitous amounts of makeup to go to the bar (btw, guilty, again, as charged). Is it so we can be the most loving, kind hearted woman at the bar? I think not.
Now, I’m not in any way suggesting that you omit these compliments from your vocabulary. I’m simply asking you to contribute equally with the “you’re beautiful” counterparts. E.g. “You’re so kind”, “you’re dependable”, etc. etc.
After all, in the end, not everybody has the capability to be stunningly beautiful.
Yet everyone does have the ability to be unconditionally kind… or passionate… or welcoming.
Reward that.

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