Weekend Road Trips

Now that my weekends aren’t filled with homework, I suddenly have a lot of spare time. From Friday at 5pm until late Sunday night, I don’t have a to do list, so I want to make a list of driving distance trips I can take for a quick weekend trip. I haven’t experienced nearly enough of my state, or the area around me.

Keeping in mind that crashing on a couch is one of the more frugal ways to experience new cities, think of family or friends you could visit. Plus they’ll be happy to see you. I figure a 4 hour drive is reasonable enough for a weekend away, so here are my top 5 for the summer.

1. Toronto Canada (3hours 45 minutes)

Amazing architecture, big city beaches, and my favorite food; Poutine. Apparently they have some good music festivals too. http://www.blogto.com/sports_play/2013/07/50_things_to_do_this_summer_in_toronto/


2. Milwaukee (5.4 hours)

This one is actually for the sake of Architecture too. Santiago Calatrava’s Milwaukee Art Museum  is one of the most interesting beautiful buildings I’ve seen, and to experience that space in real life would be amazing. I mean really. Just look at it.


3. Pittsburg Pennsylvania (4 hours 17 minutes)

Pittsburg has the best of both worlds. A highly active outdoor community (http://activepittsburgh.com/) and big city events, food, and entertainment. Not to mention an intense art culture with Andy Warhol museum and Carnegie Mellon University (one of the more prestigious art schools in America).


4. Chicago, Illinois (4 hours 1 minute)

For me, this one is a bit obvious. It is the biggest big city nearby, and I’ve only made it out there once in my adult life. Chicago is cool because there are so many neighborhoods and sects of people that you can experience. From Ritzy Downtown at The Loop, to artsy and hipster Wicker Park to colleges and beaches in Lincoln Park.


5. Michigan’s West Coast. From St Joseph, to Benton Harbor, Holland, Muskegon, Ludington, Empire, Leeland. (2-4 hours)

I mean really. What beats this view. “Up North” is a way of life in Michigan, and this might always be the epitome of my ideal summer weekend. Bare feet, fresh farmers market fruit,  Moomers ice cream and lakes. What a beautiful state I live in.


Now I just need to find a travel buddy, or remind myself that adventures alone are sometimes the best.


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