DIY Clothespin Message Board

I introduced my boyfriend to TJ Maxx the other day – a quite successful endeavor, I must say! – and while there, I ran across some tiny clothespins which I HAD to have.  Naturally, he had no idea why I would ever want to purchase these small, barely functional tools so I came up with this project to make use of the find!


Clothespins, wooden frame (to assemble), paint and brush, decorative wire, decorations of choice, ribbon, nails, hammer, cardstock, hot glue gun.

photo 1 (1)


Step 1) Paint the four pieces of the wooden frame with the color of your choice.

Step 2) Cut the decorative wire so it is just longer (by maybe 0.5 to 1 inch) than the width of the frame that you are using.

Step 3) After the frame has dried, drive the nails into the wooden frame along the longer sides at regular intervals.  Only drive the nails in about 0.5 inch and then remove.

Step 4)  Roughly assemble the frame and begin to glue the wires into the holes that you created from the nails.

photo 2                  photo 3                  photo 5


Step 5) Once the wire is securely in the holes, complete your assembly of the frame.  This may take some finagling, but just have patience and all will be fine!

Step 6) Fasten on your decorations with the hot glue gun.  At this point, I also hot glued the ribbon on to hang it up.  A bow may be cute for the ribbon as well.

Step 7)  Add your clothespins and begin hanging your notes, grocery lists, etc.  Enjoy!

photo 4 (1)                  photo 2 (1)                  photo 3 (1)


– E


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