The new kind of Yardsticking

I’m not totally sure if “yard-sticking” is a term used by everyone, but I’m pretty sure it is an accurate description of life as a women. We Yardstick. Every day we compare ourselves to the women (and men) around us, and in the social media era, we are comparing evvveryything.

In high school and college the comparisons were simple. Most people were doing the same thing. Class, a few sports, maybe a club. Then applying to colleges, getting a good GPA, casual relationships and getting rid of the freshman 15.

Now that I’m entering the big girl world  the comparisons are getting weirder. For example;

  • I’m over here with a part time/full time intern/contract something-or-other situation while my classmate gets offered 80k before graduation.
  • I’m  anxious for my current lease to end so I can get a studio apartment and live completely alone for the first time, while one of my oldest friends is pregnant and preparing for her first child.
  • I’m enjoying the freedom of doing exactly what I want, when I want, while being single, and two of my best friends are recently engaged and are starting to plan their wedding.

My point is, it is at this stage of life that people go in all different directions. The path is no longer clearly laid out. But just because you don’t seem to be hitting the same “marks” as the people around you, doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. When you start to compare and feel a little jealous, just remind yourself that you’re going through the things you are for a reason, and you’re becoming your own fully developed person. And if you  feel more than a little jealous, maybe you can use that energy to change your situation.

Also, It’s ok to celebrate other’s successes, even if they happen before your own. It doesn’t mean you won’t also have your day.


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