DIY: Lake Topography Maps

Being from Michigan, Lakes play a big part in all summertime fun. A couple of years ago I was inspired to capture my favorite lakes to enjoy year round. Its pretty easy, but has a MAJOR wow factor which makes these great for a gift. The concept of layered paper could be applied to things other than lakes, think flowers, fruit, mountains, anything with a gradient. You can find topographies here: and here is a step by step!


1. Trace the outermost line of the lake onto the white paper. If you have a light table, great! otherwise, a window on a sunny day works too.

2. Cut the outline out. It will leave you with a square piece of paper with a lake shaped hole in it.

3.  Tape the lightest color to the back of the white paper, trace the next line of depth, and cut that out. Rinse and repeat!






pardon my awful manicure.. I should probably work on that. 


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