Post Graduation Uncertainty

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The past year for me can be overwhelmingly accurately summarized by one word.


I graduated last May with two conditional job offers, only to find that come September, I still wasn’t sure whether I would be returning to grad school or going to work.  I worked the summer landscaping – busting my ass in the best way possible to groom jungle-like gardens into beautiful yards and patios – and in the process worked off the 15 pounds I had put on in my last two years and got a tan.  Who can complain about that?

The summer was great and I learned a great deal about gravel, laying brick, and polymeric sand. But the stress that I felt in not knowing what was coming in the next month was enough to put gray hairs on my head.  Literally.

Now, a year later, my boyfriend is facing the same debacle and as a result, I am too.  Will he still be a 30 minute drive away come Fall?  Will we be able to move in together?  Or are we going to have to endure distance and become overly familiar with Skype?

I am in the midst of all of this right now, and if you are too, my advice is this…

Step back.  Breathe.  Realize that if you get a job and have to move away, then you get to have a new area to explore.  Or that if you graduate and don’t have a job right away, you’ll get one, or figure something else out.  Because you’re innovative and intelligent and resourceful.

And importantly in my case, realize that if you have a strong relationship, your love is going to stick around and eventually the distance will end, and you’ll have years to spend together down the road.

Oh, and as my family likes to say, remember that things tend to have a way of working out.



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