Ways Dating and Job Hunting are the EXACT same

Thomas Barwick / Iconica / Getty Images

1. You’re putting forward your best you. “Oh yeah, I totally know how to do X, Y, and Z and am supper proficient in program LMNOP.” sounds a lot like “YES, I love the Tigers too!” even though you fall asleep during the 5th inning, and have no flipping idea what stealing a base looks like.

2. If you’re being lead on, at some point you have to cut your losses. After being told over and over that “you’re definitely getting that raise,” and “it’ll probably be on your next paycheck…”  “it just takes some time to process the paper work” it might be time for a reality check, and the realization that it isn’t happening. Kinda like trying to lock down commitment from a guy who “just isn’t looking for a relationship right now… but maybe later”

3. When discussing long term, you might exaggerate how much you want to be with them. “Yes, I can see myself at this company long term” is the equivalent of making obscure long term plans. “We should go on that cruise for spring break NEXT YEAR” or not totally letting on that you plan to move out of state after graduation.

4. Some questions aren’t ok (read: ILLEGAL) to ask at an interview… or a first date. “when do you want to have kids?”  “do you have debt?” “are you married?” Ok.. if you’re on a date you should know the answer to the last question.

5. Once you’ve landed the job or the relationship, you can’t let your coworkers/partner see your weird behavior right away. Sometimes this means holding back crude humor and eating your lunch in the car until you get a grasp on office culture. Sometimes this means resisting talking about Miley Cyrus and Bachelorette for 45 minutes.


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