Fashion tips for your Twenties

ONE     Think Monochrome

Ok. I know this tip isn’t for everyone, but I own A TON of black clothes. Black matches black, as well as EVERY other color, yes, even brown and navy blue (check out automotive interiors if you don’t believe me here). Maybe black isn’t your go-to, but keeping most of your clothes in the same color family will allow for mixing and matching.

TWO     Purge

Get rid of some of the old clothes that you don’t wear, but do it in phases.  Go through your closet and determine the items that you just don’t wear much and hang them in a different section of your closet.  If 6 months pass and you don’t retrieve an item from that section – get rid of it (to a friend or donation center!).

THREE   Begin buying quality clothing. 

The days are over where you’re going to outgrow an item in a year.  So start making purchases that will last you for ten or twenty years.  And don’t be afraid when you have to spend a little extra – if you legitimately plan to wear it for that long.

FOUR     Go for Versatile pieces

Purchase items that can be used for a variety of situations.  Work, girls nights, date nights, outdoors, parties/weddings, running errands – you’ll need outfits for all of these occasions, so strive to buy pieces that will work for several.

FIVE     Buy the right size

Be honest with yourself about the size that you need.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of in buying a large piece of clothing, but there is something to be ashamed of in wearing clothing that is too small for you (and reveals more than the general public would like to see).

SIX     Establish the basics

Have the staple items.  A LBD, Black blazer, a nice pair of boots, skinny jeans etc.

SEVEN  Invest to make your pieces last

When buying an expensive piece, you might have to do a little prep to get the full value out of it. Put a rubber sole on those expensive boots, so you will only replace that, and not the entire heel. Coat leather in conditioning and weather proof spray. Get the trousers hemmed so they fit well, instead of just ok. The extra investment will be worth it in the long run.

EIGHT Buy what you feel good in

Buy clothes you’re REALLY comfortable in. The skirt that is too thin and will require questionable undergarments, don’t get. The shorts that are in style, but you hate to show off that much thigh, DON’T GET. You may wear them once, but you’ll be fussing with them all day, and then you won’t wear them again.

NINE   Establish style inspiration

Pick a favorite celebrity whose style you love and start compiling a selection of said celebrity’s outfits on your computer, in a notebook, whatever .  Make sure to have it in a place that you can reference for inspiration on your next shopping trip.

TEN  Buy trends cheap

Buy Trends smart. You can still buy the latest crop top/high waisted pencil skirt trend, but be aware that you might only wear it one or two times. Go to Forever 21. Their clothes are CHEAP both in price tag, and quality.. but that’s ok for a piece you’ll only wear a couple of times before being embarrassed that you thought it was cool in the first place.


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