Five things…


1)     I am the sole consumer of the items in my fridge.  So that leftover chicken pot pie that I have from last night’s dinner or the remaining six bites of dessert from Saturday’s trip to the Cheesecake Factory… they’re MINE.  And unless somebody breaks into my house to steal said Cheesecake Factory leftovers (because, you know, could you really blame them?), they are guaranteed to be waiting diligently for my return home.

2)     Those dance parties, you know, the same ones that you had when you were fifteen and jamming to the popular boy band of the week.  Arms flailing, legs moving independently of the arms, and no sense of rhythm whatsoever.  With hints of attempted coordination haphazardly thrown in so you can show off next time you’re actually dancing in front of people (God forbid). 

3)     My house is entirely filled with my stuff.  I am the Queen of my castle.  Nobody else has a say in what end tables I pick out, or the paintings I put on my walls, or where I place the rugs in my bathroom. So if mustard yellow and neon green is the color combination that I choose for my kitchen – that’s just fine.  More power to me! 

4)     I can spend an entire evening without taking my ass off the couch (or really, doing anything at all that I want to do for whatever amount of time that I want).  Though if you know me, you know that I can’t sit for a two hour movie, let alone for six hours, but it’s the thought that counts.  Nobody is there to say “hey, shouldn’t you be doing those dishes in the sink?”  Hey, hey, Maybe I SHOULD be, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna!  And see, that’s the beauty. 🙂

5)     The dirt that is on the floor in the hallway is from MY shoes.  The dishes are dirty in the sink because I ate off of them. The crumbs that are on the coffee table… okay, there aren’t crumbs on the coffee table, but that’s because I clean them up.  I am responsible for nobody else’s mess but my own.  And while it would be nice to have somebody else there to help me out, I’m glad I’m past those college roommate days where you hide your utensils in your room so that nobody else can use them and leave them, dirty, in the sink.

– E


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