Be here, now.


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays at lunch, my workplace converts a meeting room on my floor into a yoga class.  So, like a devoted fan club, the same group of fifteen women comes in to have an hour with their mats.  Often we come in completely drained, hoping to gain energy by using energy, and typically (by some miracle) it works.  And after an hour of pigeon, warrior, lizard, crow, cat, cow and happy baby, we settle down into savasana.  For a few minutes of total bliss, we rest there void of any thoughts or negative emotions.  And then the instructor asks us to roll to our side, and, in a deceptively simple command, asks us to “be here, now”.

This idea is something that I am trying to apply to all aspects of my life.  When I wake up in the morning, I have a list of 15 things to do in preparation to be out the door. Only to find myself on a commute that I can’t wait to be over.  Then sitting at a desk which I’m waiting to leave.  A commute back home and so on and so forth.  So, the job thing is something I’m working on.  Finding peace in where I work and compartmentalizing as my father says… focusing on the good of what’s in the now and understanding that the things that you’re sacrificing will come back and be part of your life again in the future.

But my focus on living in the moment applies to after the work day ends.  It seems that whatever I’m doing is so I can check one more thing off of my To Do list.  So instead of cherishing my walk on a beautiful day with my dog, I’m doing a chore.  And this applies to so many things.

So, at an age when I’m finally in complete control of how I spend my time – outside of making a living of course – I’ve decided to slow down.  On those walks with my dog, it’s time I stop to crouch down and give him a hug for being such a good boy.  In those workouts that I long for all day, it’s time I reflect on how good it feels to engage my muscles, instead of waiting for the minute to end.  It’s about time that I stop wishing my life away in anticipation of what’s next.  Even if there are 19 things that I needed to have done by yesterday.  There’s just too much to enjoy in life to constantly have half my mind in the future.

– E


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