Five Things…


1. I could live here. I could totally live here. I could find a job and a cheap studio apartment and move here… it isn’t that far from my family right?

2. I could NEVER live here. Who am I kidding? My job right now  is safe, I live near everyone I know, why in the world would I move to a strange city?

3a. I should just stop the car on the side of the highway to get that view. People do that right? stop randomly? would people think I was weird if they saw me walking down the highway just so I can get a good picture of the river? would they laugh if they saw me taking a selfie?

3b. I wonder if they have good local food at this exit. North Carolina BBQ sounds AMAZING. Mmmm, probably shouldn’t I guess I’ll just get McDonald’s.

4. Gosh, I haven’t talked to anyone from home all week. Traveling alone is so liberating. I can do whatever I want! As long as my mom knows I’m alive, and I have a place to sleep, it’s all good. Wait, who was that boy I was worried about? Wait, What day of the week is it? Wait, I don’t have homework to work on and responsibilities I’m missing out on back home do I? Ok, good!

5. … if I just walk into that Design Studio and hand them my portfolio, they’ll have to give me a job right? I drove 13 hours to get here? Because I HAVE to live here. I have to make it work.


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