Mi casa es su casa

Remember those writing assignments that you would get in early elementary school asking you to describe your dream day or dream vacation or – my personal favorite – your dream house?

My house tended to have swimming pools instead of floors in the hallways with endless supplies of chocolate ice cream in the freezer.  As children, untainted by the idea of what can be and what cannot be, our imaginations went wild and our creations, let’s face it, were both quite fun and still appealing to our adult selves. 

Unfortunately, growing up, we realize that a house made out of everlasting gobstoppers probably could be blown down faster than the first pig’s straw house by the big bad wolf.  And so, new dreams emerge.  For me, my dreams now include a big yard with a vegetable garden and a front porch protected by the roof above so I could sip hot apple cider in the fall with a blanket and a good man to keep me warm.  A studio for my artwork and piano ( and his guitar) are upstairs, overlooking a fishing pond out back. 

The thing is, our dreams evolve but they are no less real. 

So, if you’re in the market for making your dreams become a reality right now, check out this site… www.houzz.com.  You pick the style, you pick the budget, and you immediately have access to dozens upon dozens of pictures that fit YOUR taste and style. 

Four of my favorite traditional Master Bedroom (Bedroom Photos) examples from Houzz.com

mint + zebra

eurpoean open air

mountain scenery and white linens

sleek uptown city apartment














[Props to my stepmom and pops for making their dreams – in the form of a beautiful kitchen – come true right now.  I guess when you already make the best pies in town; you only deserve a wonderful sanctuary to make them in!]


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