FIVE things…

5 things_25. seeking positivity, and eliminating negativity. Sometimes this means unfollowing people on twitter, or defriending exes on facebook, (as petty as this sounds) sometimes it means being happy on Monday morning for your cup of coffee instead of mad that you have to be at work.

4. that same cup of coffee. or tea. or latte. or anything in a warm, beautiful mug that you can wrap your hands around, shut your eyes, and take a deep sip in. even if it is just five minutes of peace, it counts

3. BLASTING your favorite song while driving 70 (sometimes 80) down the highway. I will  also be singing. but these are probably my most peaceful minutes of the day, even if people are staring.

2.  Writing. grocery lists, to do lists, lists of things I want to experience. Writing gets the stuff that has been weighing on my mind off of it, and into a notebook… that I probably won’t look back on.

1. the Gym. Ok. I know. So irritating to hear someone who LOOOOOVES working out. But for the actual first time in my life running with music blaring in my ears has brought me such a calm mind. its some of my only time for me and only me, and even if it is 10 (ok, 7.5ish) minutes of jogging, it feels amazing to do something other than sit at a desk.

…also when you go to the store in sweats, and pick out your favorite flowers because you need something pretty in the dead of Detroit’s worst winter, and the cashier says ‘let me get these for you’


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